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Christefanie Ranch is offering a 5 month in duration apprenticeship program in Natural horsemanship starting when you sign up. As part of this program you are assigned one of our ranch horses to learn with and upon successful completion of the program you are given full ownership of your new horse partner. Or you can bring your own horse for the program.

Number of students 10
Starting date: Five months program.
Tuition $3475. or $695 per month for 5 month. This includes full care boarding fees with our hay.
Who should attend: Anyone who loves horses and wants to excel in their Natural horsemanship and riding abilities as well as those with professional aspirations. Ages 16 and up.

What you expect to learn:

Natural horse care and boarding, feed, summer and winter care. pros and cons of free roaming horses verses stalled horses. The effect of each approach in the mental and emotional as well as physical part of the horse.
Parasit control in natural setting.
Natural hoof care. Demos by professionals.
Equine psychology and how to use it in training of your horse.
Complete ground training and the importance of each step in preparing your horse before you ever put a saddle on or have the first ride. Having trained over 3000 horses that never bucked with a saddle or when experiencing a rider on their back for their first ride you'll learn the most amazing approach in colt starting ever and will learn how to the
The Christefanie's method.
Non traumatic approach to saddle introduction and the first ride.
How to develop a horse after the initial few rides. Over 30 different exercises to naturally develop a horses top line, impulsion and flexion.
How to get soft feel from your horse without the use of bits, spurs, tie-down etc.
Introduction to fundamentals of Dressage and collection naturally.
Group rides on the ranch and public trail rides. How to prepare your horse for trails and public places. How to look at everything you do from your horses point of view.
Lots of daily riding lessons. Learn to ride with balance and feel rather than reins, and spurs.
For more information please contact Shawn Kohan at: 541-510-5391. www.christefanie.com Pictures below are of some of the horses avaliable through the program. You can now watch us on youtube under christefanie or shawn kohan.

    Our horse's values  are based on their extensive training, bloodline, conformation, disposition, and love for people. These are horses with no bad habits or issues. They have been cared for and trained from birth to when they are well under saddle and finally sold. These are horses you keep for life.

 As condition of sale and included in the sale price, the buyer will receive 10 hours of FREE Natural Horsemanship training.  This is for the benefit of both the buyer and the horse. Anyone with previous Natural Horsemanship experience is not required to take this training. Geography is also another factor for waiving the above condition.

To contact us please call 541-799-5927 or e-mail us at shawn.kohan@christefanie.com

Currently you can bring your horse and sign up for the apprenticeship program

PHOENIX : Not avaliable.  is a six year old registered Tennesse Walker gelding with Midnight Sun blood line. Born on the ranch and imprinted at birth, He is sweet, loves people, polite and easy going. He has lots of undersaddle experince and great on trails. He is jet black with a star and two white socks and lots of mane and tail. He is priced at $3000. plus $1000 premuim.    


Boomarang:  Not available. is six year old throughbread,  He loves attention, loves people and has a lot of personality.Lots of experice under saddle. Great with kids.
He is priced at $3000 with $1000 premium.  

Nutmeg: Beautiful 15. hands Quarter horse mare with great ground training. Loves people, gentle nature and some experince under saddle. 
$675 per month for five month of training after which she is your to keep.  


Indi: Not available. Beautiful morgan mare with great ground training avaliable for the program.  $675. per month for 5 month with training and you'll get to take her home or board her at the ranch at a discounted rate reserved for student. 

Appachee: Not available.  15.1 hand paint gelding. Has completed ground training and ready for undersaddle training. loves people and knows his name.  
Priced at $3000 through the program with $1000 premium.
Valley: Not available.  is a 8 yr old Arabian mare green under saddle with cute disposition. Also available through the program at $3000 

For more information and updated list of horses avaliable for this program please call us at:
541-799-5927 or email us at:shawn.kohan@christefanie.com