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The following is the list of planned clinics for 2018. If you are interested in participating in any of our clinics please call us at 541 510-5391 or email us at shawn.kohan@christefanie.com . Book your clinic early as space is limited.

2018 clinic dates:

May 19 & 20  Price $ 250 for two days. 
Safety, control, friendship, language and communication, ground manners, and some natural riding dynamics, how to move your horse in all six directions on the ground, the seven games of communication, correct worming and shots, feet handling, and trailer loading. 

May 26- 29  Price $650. for four days.
Natural colt starting- first saddle and ride. Bring your young or older horse and watch them transform into a different horse in four days.

Jun 16 & 17 Price $250 for two days.
Intermedate level: Advanced ground training, round pen training, on line and at liberty, ground tying, advanced trailer loading, dynamics of riding, lead and lead changes, flying lead changes, trail riding dynamics.

Jun 23- 26 Price $650 for four days.
Colt starting and problem horse workshop and solutions. 




July 12 &13 Price $250 for two days. 
Riding class: proper saddling, mounting, how to get softness(soft feel), impulsion, responsiveness, better stops, pattern development,  riding in harmony with your horse, straight-line walking development, side pass, circles, jumps and walk in between obstacles, and trail riding.

July 26 & 27 Price $250 for two days. 
Riding and In the Saddle problem solving workshop. This is a fun class.

Aug 9 & 10 Price $250 for two days.
Natural Gaited horse training:
This is a great class for those that want to have their horse gait better Naturally without the use of artificial aids.

Aug 23 & 24 Price $250 for two days.
Continuation & more Gaited horse training

Sep 13 &14 Price $250 for two days.
Beginner Natural ground training: Teaching your horse respect on the ground and enhancing the communication and language between the two of you.

Please call for more details on any of the clinics and book early as these clinics are very popular and fill fast.   541-767-9101.

Please contact us to sign up for any of our clinics!
 541 767-9109

Hope to see you there!