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Training Services:

  • Foal imprint and early development training
  • Colt starting - ground training and first saddle and ride for horses 3 yrs. and older. (Younger horses will only receive ground training)
  • Horse and rider training: Natural Horsemanship levels 1,2,3,and 4
  • Group and private rides and lessons on site or on the trail
  • Horses with behavioral issues
  • Clinics on site or at your place

Training Fees:
Horse or rider in training monthly fee is $420. For 14 hours of training, plus monthly boarding fee of $295.
Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each month or on the date you brought your horse.
Most horses requiring ground and under saddle training will require 90-120 days,  provided they are not suffering from any deep or extreme behavioral issues. It always takes less time to shape rather than modify a behavior.
Each week you'll receive a call about your horse's progress and at the end of each month you are provided with a video tape of your horse in training. This can be used as a refresher and a how-to for you.

Hourly lessons are available at $60 per hour for private lessons. Group lessons at $40. Or 14 lessons at $30. Per hour paid in advance for $420.

Horse Boarding: Although our boarding philosophy is to keep horses Natural and out on our large pastures 24 x 7 we understand that some horses and their owners may require a different arrangement. Let us know what you would like us to do to make you and your horse happy.

Natural Full care:  $295 per month.
Includes our quality hay fed to your horse twice daily, use of any 12x24 or 12x16 unassigned covered stall, all day pasture turn out. You bring your horse in, clean stall and use your own shavings. Draft horses or large 16+hand horses : $350. per month.

Full care Premium: $395 per month.
Includes all of the above plus assigned stall. We bring your
horse in for the night, we clean the stall and let your horse out for the day. We can feed your grain to your horse while inside.We provide stall dry/shavings.

Premium plus care: $695 per month.
Includes all of the Natural full care plus 10 hours of natural horse and rider training. 

Mare and Foal care: $350 for both up to 12 month and then there will be regular fees applied to each horse. 

Multiple horse discount: $ 25 discount per month per horse on all above rates for more than one horse owned by the same owner.

For more information please call us at 541-799-5927 or email us at: shawn.kohan@christefanie.com

A 30 day notice is required on all boarding and training. All advance payments to reserve a stall/board or training spot are non-refundable since we save a spot for you and any last minut cancellation creates an opening which we may not be able to fill in time. Thank you for your understanding.  

This beautiful Friesian is learning to back up while trying the saddle for the first time.



He is learning to stop when I stop therefore respecting my personal space.