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JACK came to me after two months of harsh training by a well known local trainer. He had open cuts and bruises on his face and behind his ears as the result of being tied to a metal pole in order to teach him not to pull back. He was ridden only in a box stall with a bit because the trainer was not able to trust him enough to ride him outside of a confined area. He was downright dangerous to be around due to his lack of trust and confidence in humans.

After 30 days of Natural ground training with me he would willingly stand still while a tarp was draped over him, or touched with a plastic bag. He would ground tie without him wanting to leave you. After 60 days I rode him in the arena in just a halter and lead rope and soon after we were able to go out to our large pasture for extended rides with other horses. He left my place a different and fun horse.


Most training takes about 90-120 days from ground training to saddling and the first ride. Take the time it takes, and it will take less time.


PAYTON, a six year old Arabian stallion was brought to me in 2006. His owners had to give him a tranquilizer shot in order to load him up for the trip. He was very sweet but did not respect your space, was very mouthy and had never had a saddle or a rider on him. He left my place after 4 months, under saddle and easy enough to ride in just a halter and lead rope.
Payton marks horse number 3000 that I have trained, who has not bucked under saddle.

QUE is a 3 year old AQHA who lost her mom at birth and was raised by my client in Montana. At three she was familiar with only my client. She was very distrustful and aggressive toward people and downright afraid of other horses. She did not have a mother or a equine herd to protect and teach her. Furthermore, she did not know who and what she was. She prefered to stay in her stall with her back to the world. She rocked from side to side all day, very much like a person with mental problems.

 It took five months and lots of slow introduction to objects, other horses and people to teach her what and who she was, before I could even begin ground training with her. Without this time and lot of patience she would have easily been pushed over the edge and  lost forever. She is now under saddle, very loving, well adjusted and comfortable around people and other horses. She is one for the equine study books. I am proud of her.