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Covered Arena
Our 60'x 120' covered arena is open on all sides so one can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding hills while riding. Our arena is used by our boarders as well as in clinics and when starting horses throughout the year. The large graveled parking with a circular turn-around makes it easy to drive to the arena with those long trailers.    


Outdoor Facilities
Our 110' x 210' outdoor arena as well as our 60' round pen provide a great setting for spring and summer riding. Our large tack room off to the side, with its own porch over looking the arena, makes it a perfect place for friends and family  to sit and watch you practice your passion. Our large pasture with its trees and rolling hills also offer a great super sized playground for trail riding and practice.    


Loafing Sheds
Our 12' x 20 ' covered loafing areas were designed to make feed available to the horses throughout the day as they need it. In nature horses do not just eat two times a day as practiced in most barns, but graze all day and travel about 20 miles a day in search of food.  Our 57 acre pasture and covered loafing areas simulate as close as possible a natural horse living situation .


For more information please call us at 541-799-5927 or email us at: shawn.kohan@christefanie.com

Pasture Boarding
By keeping your horses in a herd environment as nature intended, you'll have less problems with them biting, kicking, chasing, and injures.  You will experience less mental and emotional problems which occur when horses are stalled and isolated with only a few hours a day to be out as a treat. Visible signs of an unhappy horse is weaving, cribbing, colic, pacing, aggression, nervousness, uncontrolled energy and lack of peace in the horse's mind.
We keep the mares, geldings, young and old together with peace and harmony. Even our stallions are kept together so they don't feel isolated. The results are sweet stallions that can be handled with just a rope halter and  no need for stud chains during breeding season.
Let horses be horses.