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About Shawn Kohan
About 17 years ago, out of love for horses, I bought my first horse, an Arabian.  I soon discovered that green on green did not work. I did not have enough knowledge to see things from the horse's point of view and all the helpful people around me made matters worse.

In my search for answers I came across a training barn. Students there were riding their horses in just a halter and a lead rope, some were riding without a saddle, and yet they were performing side pass, jumping, stops, canter and Dressage maneuvers.

The owner of the center, Terry Haney, told me about the method of training and the name Pat Parelli and Natural Horsemanship came up. She gave me a book of his to read. I must have read that book 10 times in a week and I quickly moved my horse to this training barn.

In less than two months, my horse was a different horse, and I became a student of Natural Horsemanship for life. I studied Parelli's method and practiced it every day with great results. I still look back to those days and wish that everyone could experience this method of being around horses for themselves.

Since those days I continue to study and learn from masters like Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Monte Roberts and Tom Dorrance, to name a few. My current training methods are modeled after the best practices of these masters. I am a great believer that the horses appraise people and trainers, not humans. If you are not good enough, the horse will let you know.





For more information please call us at 541-799-5927 or email us at: shawn.kohan@christefanie.com